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 Coaching, classes, teleclasses, workshops to inspire women's unique brilliance, confidence, potential for unlimited success, wholeness and power


Vibrant Women Programs are designed to nurture your inner strength, brilliance, and unlimited potential in an upbeat, energizing and fun community, overflowing with inspiration, guidance, synergy and resources.

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The Vibrant Woman's Guide: Uncovering the Voice of Wisdom.

Do you underestimate and undervalue yourself? Do you hold yourself back from the life you deserve? If so, this one hour class-by-phone is designed for you -- to help you realize how extraordinary and brilliant you are, and to transform your life to reflect this emerging reality. This class will focus on two internal voices that guide our actions: The Voice of Wisdom, and the Inner Critic. We will explore how to unlock our natural brilliance and inner strength through the Voice of Wisdom, and play with techniques to quiet the Inner Critic. You will leave this session feeling affirmed, and with an attuned awareness of how to let the Voice of Wisdom be your guide.

Formats Available: one hour class-by-phone.
Cost is FREE. Next Dates:
Thursday, December 16, 1999 5-6pm PST
Tuesday, January 11, 2000 4-5pm PST
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 4-5pm PST

Take the next step in your journey with "Three Keys to Unlocking the Brilliance Within", a three session class-by-phone. For program details see below.


The Vibrant Woman's Guide: Three Keys to Unlocking the Brilliance Within.

Every woman has unlimited potential and unique brilliance within her. Find Authenticity, Passion, Wholeness and Inner Strength in this three session class-by-phone, designed to draw out your vibrance and help you live your dreams. Experience how much you can create in a community of amazing women. You will leave each session affirmed and energized!

Formats Available: three session class-by-phone; Cost is $69.00.
Next Dates:
3 consecutive Tuesdays, January 18, 25 and February 1 from 4-5pm PST
3 consecutive Tuesdays, February 22, 29 and March 7 from 4-5pm PST

    Session One - Authenticity:
    The path to authenticity takes clarity and courage to follow the desires of your heart against the competing clamor of negative inner messages and the expectations and opinions of others. In this first session, you will bring more consciousness to hearing and trusting your inner voice and knowing that what you really want for your life is the right path for you.

    Session Two - Passion:
    Passion is the fuel of movers and shakers--and Vibrant Women! Think of the extraordinarily successful people you know who really make things happen. Passion and a strong sense of vision and purpose radiate from these people! Living from your passion is transformative: it adds meaning and excitement to your life. This session will further support you to honor your heart's desires and unique gifts to unleash this powerful, internal source of energy in your life.

    Session Three - Wholeness and Inner Strength: Your hallmark as a Vibrant Woman is wholeness and inner strength. Nothing within you is broken or missing. In this final session we will play with creating harmony within all aspects of your life, while cultivating an attitude toward your self-care that doesn't diminish your commitment to others. We will also discuss ways to connect with your amazing inner strength to make healthy, balanced choices for your life.

Vibrant Women Coaching Circles.

The synergy of these circles provides powerful momentum for breakthrough success. Circles meet twice per month for ninety minutes. Group size is very small to ensure high interaction and support. Formats available include both in-person and by phone. Cost is $75.00 per month. Three month commitment requested. Circles are forming now and in process.
January dates:
Section 1: Tuesdays, January 11 and 25 from 5-6pm PST
Section 2: Wednesdays, February 9th and 23rd from 4-5pm PST

Sections continue into February and March, every two weeks. Check for space availability for new members.

Marketing Without Misery.

Do you feel clueless or ineffective at marketing? Do you simply hate it? These three hours will change your attitude! During this course you will build a set of actions that you are comfortable implementing to give you high visibility and confidence in promoting your product or service. You will leave with a customized strategy you'll be eager to implement! 3 one hour sessions by phone. Cost is $69.00.
Next Dates:
3 consecutive Thursdays, February 3, 10, 17 from 4-5pm PST

New Courses for 2000!

Financial Empowerment for Women.

Description and Dates to be announced.
4 one hour sessions by phone. Cost is $99.00.

Power That Heals.

Description and Dates to be announced.
3 one hour sessions by phone. Cost is $69.00.


Getting Yourself Unstuck

So you're feeling stuck and you don't know what to do next. First of all: don't panic. That will just put you into "fight or flight" mode, wasting your energy and getting you nowhere.

Here is a powerful process you can use to get yourself unstuck and zooming toward your goals. I'll walk you through the seven steps to help you develop both the insights and actions needed to tap into your inner strength and resources, and enhance your sense of personal power.

You'll get a lesson emailed to you twice per week, so the whole course will take just under one month. It is important that you commit to thinking, feeling and writing through each stage of the process. If you do, you'll definitely notice a profound shift throughout each stage. To order your free email class, send an email to [email protected], with "getting unstuck" in the subject line.

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