Life Balance Wheel

Here is a tool you can use to assess the level of your satisfaction with all of the aspects of your life. Print out this page to customize your diagram of the wheel. Place each aspect of your life in the space in each segment. Some suggestions follow. Modify these to represent those that are meaningful to you.

Now rate your satisfaction with each aspect, using a scale from zero to ten, with ten being very satisfied and zero being completely unsatisfied. Place a mark indicating your choice in each segment of the circle, with zero at the center and ten at the rim. Connect all of the marks around the circle to see how balanced your wheel is.

The visual nature of this exercise is beneficial for surfacing your deepest desires. You will probably notice yourself taking spontaneous action to do things that will raise your lowest scores. Use this tool periodically to see how your life balance fluctuates over time. This is a great exercise to do if you are considering hiring a coach. It will help you focus on your top priorities to get the most from your sessions.

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