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 How You Can Benefit From Coaching:

 You've got a wealth of natural talent, creativity, and resources, and a wise inner voice that can help you make great decisions. But when it comes time to make a career or life transition, start or grow your business, or embrace new areas of competence, it's easy to get overwhelmed by stress; the voice of inner wisdom can seem shy and elusive.

As your coach, I can give you exactly the boost you need, helping you create dynamic success with more energy and satisfaction, in a fun and supportive process. I help you most by knowing how to ask the questions that guide you to your own inner wisdom, so that you can clarify and claim what you want in life. You will achieve more than you thought possible as you hone your strengths and pare away the obstacles that keep you from achieving your vision.

Our coaching partnership creates a supportive climate and momentum for change through a foundation of listening and caring, guidance and accountability. You will receive close, individual attention to develop an action plan that's tailored to your needs, and you will receive essential support as you carry it out. Through our work together, you will activate your innate creativity, develop your personal and professional potential, and gain powerful new tools to master your life and create a livelihood that is meaningful and exciting.

Sheila Adams, M.A. Organization Development
The Learning Edge Coaching Services [email protected]
PO Box 177
San Anselmo, CA 94979
(415) 457-4277

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