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Self Empowerment Evaluation

This activity serves as an indication of your current sense of self empowerment. Try to be as honest as possible in answering the statements. Answer them according to how you actually feel or behave and not how you think you should feel or behave.
Score each statement according to how true, or the amount of time you believe each statement is true for you:

  1. I don't feel anyone else is better than I am.
  2. I am free of shame, blame, and guilt.
  3. I am a happy, carefree person.
  4. I have no need to prove I am as good as or better than others.
  5. I do not have a strong need for people to pay attention to me or like what I do.
  6. Losing does not upset me or make me feel "less than" others.
  7. I feel warm and loving toward myself.
  8. I do not feel others are better than I am because they can do things better, have more money, or are more popular.
  9. I am at ease with strangers and make friends easily.
  10. I speak up for my own ideas, likes, and dislikes.
  11. I am not hurt by others' opinions or attitudes.
  12. I do not need praise to feel good about myself.
  13. I feel good about others' good luck and accomplishments.
  14. I do not find fault with my family, friends, or others.
  15. I do not feel I must always please others.
  16. I am open and honest, and not afraid of letting others see my real self.
  17. I am friendly, thoughtful, and generous toward others.
  18. I do not blame others for my problems and mistakes.
  19. I enjoy being alone with myself.
  20. I accept compliments and gifts without feeling uncomfortable or needing to give something in return.
  21. I admit my mistakes and defeats without feeling ashamed or "less than".
  22. I feel no need to defend what I think, say or do.
  23. I do not need others to agree with me or tell me I'm right.
  24. I do not brag about myself, what I have done, or what my family has or does.
  25. I do not feel put down when criticized by my friends or others.

<hspace="20"Self-Empowerment Index (sum of all scores)=

The possible range of your Index is from 0 to 100. A strong sense of self empowerment is indicated by a score of 95 or more. A good sense of self empowerment is indicated by a score of 90-94. Experience shows any score under 90 is a disadvantage, a score of 75 or less is a serious handicap, and a score of 50 or less indicates a serious lack of self esteem.

Scores of between 75 and 95 can be improved with good coaching. Improvement of self esteem in the range of 75 and less would be more appropriately handled with a licensed, competent therapist.

The good news is that with care and attention, your level of self empowerment can be developed to levels that greatly enhance your enjoyment of life.

Evaluate Your Current Stress Level

On a scale of 0 to 4, rate how strongly you identify with the following statements-with 0 being the least applicable, and 4 the strongest. The more strongly you identify with the statements, the higher you score. Rank the statements according to how you actually feel or behave, rather than how you think you "should" feel or behave.

  1. I am easily angered by others' undesirable attitudes and behavior.
  2. I feel trapped by circumstances, demands, and obligations.
  3. I have a compulsive need to do more or better.
  4. I often put off doing things that I feel I ought to do now.
  5. I experience insecurity and anxiety about my future.
  6. I have an intense need for appreciation, love and caring.
  7. I have a strong need for recognition and respect.
  8. I have a compulsive need to meet others' requests, demands and expectations.
  9. I deeply resent unfair situations and events.
  10. I do not get the recognition and credit I feel I deserve.
  11. I have an intense need for attention and approval.
  12. I find responsibility difficult to handle.
  13. I have an intense need for the confirmation and agreement of others.
  14. I find my life unfulfilling and meaningless.
  15. I often feel inadequate, inferior, unworthy, and guilty.
  16. I am extremely impatient and easily frustrated.
  17. I have a compulsive need to prove my worth.
  18. I find it difficult to make decisions and stick with them.
  19. I am harsh and demanding with myself.
  20. I have a strong need to control people, situations, and events.
  21. I blame myself for mistakes, defeats, and failures.
  22. I experience anxiety about undertaking new endeavors.
  23. I worry a great deal about my work and my loved ones.
  24. I have a driving need to win-to be the "best".
  25. I am very critical of people and displeasing behavior.

Personal Stress Index (sum of all scores)=

Your stress index will be between 0 and 100. A score of 5 or less indicates an exceptionally low level of stress. A score of 20 or less indicates a favorable level. A score between 20 and 50 indicates a definite obstacle to your well-being. A score over 50 indicates a damaging level of stress if sustained over time can lead to emotional distress and physical illness.

A coach can help you deal with many of the areas indicated above. Some of the ways a coach can help include helping you discover and focus on your sense of purpose, help you take actions toward goals you desire, and increase your sense of empowerment, competence and personal mastery.

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