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Selected Articles by Title published by
On The Learning Edge, a free monthly personal/professional development newsletter

 Life and Work: Juggling or Balance? originally published in Summer 1998 issue

 Conscious Life Design through Empowerment originally published in March, 1999 issue

 Time Management: Put Your Life in Focus originally published in Autumn 1998 issue

 Stress Reduction: Adopt a New Standard originally published in April, 1999 issue

 Passion: The Fuel of Movers and Shakers! originally published in July, 1999 issue

 Defining "the Good Life": Money and Abundance originally published in Autumn 1998

 Time Management: Planning/ Organization Strategies originally published August 1999

 Time Management Tips Part II originally published September 1999

 Quieting the Inner Critic originally published August 1999

 Living the Full Spectrum originally published October 1999

 Power That Heals originally published November 1999

 Power That Heals Part 2: Wholeness originally published January 2000

 Working Relationships--Sharpening your Relationship I.Q. originally published February 2000

 Networking Tips originally published February 2000

 The Power of Vision originally published March 2000

 The Art of Schmoozing originally published March 2000

 Clarity of Mind & Heart originally published April 2000

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